• Electric igniter


    I am not getting heat into the house. I have an electronic igniter on the furnace. It sparks but doesn't catch. I followed the instructions on the panel of the surface to reset, but still no heat. What would be the problem and where do I go from here?

    T, hampton, GA

    Most likely the igniter is the problem.  When/if you touch the igniter, the oil from your skin will prevent it from working correctly.  The controlboard that communicates with the igniter might also be the problem. Electrical parts such as the igniter and the control board require evaluation by a professional HVAC contractor, such as Universal Heating & Air Conditioning of Norcross, GA at (770) 908-8488. Among the other possible reasons the furnace will not fire: a clogged pilot light orifice, gas not getting to the igniter, or the gas valve is either in the off position or bad altogether. I would not attempt any type of gas repairs.