• Glow bar lights, fan on but no heat


    I have turned on my furnace for the first time this season and for some reason the furnace won’t blow heat. The glow bar lights up and the fan turns on but it blows cold. It doesn't ignite. Can you tell me what the problem could be?

    Janice, Mesick, MI

    Sounds like it could be one of the following issues: (1) the gas valve, (2) one of the safety switches is tripped, or (3) the pressure switch is not working. All of these are safety related devices. The furnace is one of the things in your home that can be dangerous and which needs to be checked annually by an expert. I suggest you contact a professional HVAC contractor, such as the ARS/Rescue Rooter branch in the Detroit area at (248) 391-2069, to check out your heating system before you use it. Be sure to ask your technician for information about one of our Home Service Plans that is designed to improve your system’s performance and reduce energy costs, plus help you ensure that your system stays in peak running condition all year long. The Home Service Plan includes preventive maintenance and two seasonal tune-ups