• Identify problems with ductwork


    Do you photograph the condition of house air conditioning ducts; method used to correct problem?

    james, hilton head isl, SC

    I suggest you contact a comfort specialist, such as one of our ARS/Rescue Rooter technicians in our Hilton Head branch at (843) 815-4500, to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of the condition of your ductwork and a detailed quote for any necessary repairs. Poorly planned, sloppily installed or leaky ductwork will greatly impact the energy efficiency of your HVAC system. If the problem is that your ductwork is dirty, you will need to contact a professional duct cleaning service.  Air ducts become dirty very quickly and this significantly impacts the quality of the air in your home, particularly if you have allergies or other sensitivities. Another option is installation of a whole house air cleaner that will minimize dust and allergens. A professional HVAC contractor will examine your ductwork and guide you to a solution for your problem.