• Is my electric furnace causing my energy bill to soar?


    I just had a new electric furnace installed in November 2007 and from the time the furnace was installed to March 2008 I paid close to $4000.00 in electric bills. Now this winter from November 2008 to January 2009 I have paid a total of $2300. What could be the problem? My electric bill this time read $1300.00 with me using almost 18,000 kilowatts. I do not understand.

    Becky, Spencer, IN

    I would start by making sure that the filter is clean, and continue to do so on a monthly basis. One of the most common problems we see is a clogged filter. I would also recommend that you ask the company who installed your furnace to check the duct work to make sure it is adequate and properly sealed. Insulation can also be a very big factor with high energy bills, so having someone check your attic insulation would be a good idea as well.

    In general, electric furnaces alone can be somewhat expensive to operate. If you don’t currently have a heat pump connected to the electric furnace you may want to check into one. Heat pumps have come a long way over the years with many electronic controls and improvements. In addition, they are very dependable and would be more efficient to operate then just an electric furnace by itself. I hope this information helps.