• Thermostat display disappears


    I have an ARUF024 Air Handler with a Simple Comfort 2200 thermostat. Recently the display on the thermostat started disappearing when the heat kicks on. Sometimes the heat turns off by itself, the display reads - - for a few seconds -- then the temperature registers again. Other times the heat will run forever if you don’t shut it off and hit the reset button. Do I just need a new thermostat, or is there a bigger issue? It doesn't happen every day either. Also, will a LUX Tx9000TS be a compatible replacement for this if I need to replace the thermostat?

    James, Timberville, VA

    Check and make sure the thermostat does not have a battery. Some of the digital thermostats have a small AA or AAA battery. If not, there may be a “bigger” problem, as well as a safety issue, since the furnace will not shut off. I suggest contacting a professional HVAC contractor and getting a complete heat check for the winter.