• Thermostat goes blank


    I thought I had an Appollo heating system but was told recently when the water heater broke that we were no longer using that. So I think I have a heat pump. The main unit is under the house and the only filter needed is under there...if that helps. The thermostat is set to 73 degrees. I checked it and it was only 66 degrees in here. Heard it kick off so I looked again. The thermostat had gone blank and would not come back on. I checked the circuit breaker and all is fine. About 45 minutes later the heat kicks back on but only goes up to 67 degrees and shuts off and the thermostat goes dead again. Please help; it is freezing in here.

    Patty, Cary, NC

    To try to resolve this heating system problem, start with the thermostat. Check to see if it has batteries or not. Some digital thermostats have a small AA or AAA battery. If it does, you may need to replace the battry with a new one. If not, there may be a larger problem and, perhaps, safety issues. I suggest contacting a professional HVAC contractor, such as the ARS/Rescue Rooter branch in Raleigh, NC at (919) 828-7746 or (919) 929-1117 to get a complete heating system check up.